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Harm of interrupted intercourse for men and ladies Men all over the world actively practice https://kwh.kz/ru/zhenskoe-zdorovie/prervannyj-polovoj-akt/ as a way of protection. The method is based on detaching the penis in the woman's vagina before ejaculation, therefore the sperm doesn't get inside and does not lead to pregnancy. The toughness for the method is low, as the probability of conception is suffering from several factors at the same time:

the speed of a man's reaction and the ability to control the approach of orgasm; the phase with the menstrual cycle, whether the period of ovulation has started. reproductive health of the couple (female fertility, male ejaculate quality); the age of a woman, since it is believed that the probability of pregnancy decreases as we grow old. There are dozens of proven choices for contraception, among which not only pills or condoms are highly effective. So why do couples still take a risk by turning to the old unreliable methods? Just what coitus interruptus? It is usually used in situations where: Passion caught up suddenly, there aren't any condoms at hand. Sexual contact is fairly rare. There are contraindications towards the use of barrier contraception and other options. In simple words, what is coitus interruptus: an act by which, before ejaculation and approaching orgasm, a guy removes an associate from a woman's genitals. The key goal would be to prevent unwanted pregnancy, although officially gynecologists usually do not consider aborted intercourse as a method of contraception. The prospect of pregnancy with interrupted sexual activity increases significantly throughout the so-called "dangerous days" when a woman ovulates. Since the egg has the capacity to fertilize not less than another A day, and the sperm remain viable within the uterus for up to 8 days, the likelihood of fertilization increase significantly. In such conditions, a man needs much more concentration and control over ejaculation. Because of such a longevity span of spermatozoa within the female genital organs, interrupted intercourse is not recommended to be used as the main contraception during menstruation or with lactation amenorrhea. Positive Interrupted sexual activity is used by many for the following reasons: Accessibility - you don't need to spend money on pills or condoms, and this can be too expensive for youths. It is not necessary to make use of special means, for example, to enter vaginal suppositories 20 minutes before the act. There aren't any side effects or contraindications. Vivid impressions. Men and women note that the sensitivity in such sex is many times higher than when using even the thinnest condoms. Otherwise, the coitus interruptus is rather unreliable. When working with it, the potential risk of pregnancy increases by 30% if it is repeated intercourse for a short moment. Studies show that pre-ejaculate contains only a small amount of active sperm, but this amount may be sufficient for conception. Индекс The Pearl index for coitus interruptus is 4-18, for comparison, a male condom just has 2 points. The lower the indicator, the greater the reliability of the chosen protection method. The prospect of pregnancy with interrupted intercourse remains loaded with any case. If you do not plan to have children in the future, doctors recommend picking a more reliable protection option. Minuses Pregnancy occurs using a probability of 70% (90% during the time of ovulation). On average, for every fourth girl, sex leads to pregnancy. Whether it does not occur within Yr when using merely the interrupted act, you need to consult a doctor and undergo a test. Perhaps among the couple struggles to conceive. It does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. It is strictly forbidden to practice coitus interruptus with an unfamiliar partner, this is an option only for people who know one another well. It's not physiological, it is not easy for partners to wind down and give themselves for the process. Since it is necessary to constantly interrupt right now of greatest arousal, prolonged usage of this method causes harm to the body. There is still a risky proposition of pregnancy, which can occur unconditionally: It is not forever the situation that a man responds quickly and removes the penis before ejaculation. It really is believed that inexperienced teenagers suffer from this, but mature men also provide misfires. During intercourse, a lubricant appears about the head of your penis, in which you will find spermatozoa. This can lead to unplanned conception. The girl does not control the problem, remaining a passive participant in the process. What is the harm of interrupted sexual intercourse? The harm of interrupted sexual activity for men is constant nervous tension and exhaustion with the psyche. Doctors observe that the need to constantly restrain yourself before ejaculation results in a decrease in the vascular tone of your penis. Over the years, this may lead to premature ejaculation or erection problems. The situation is not the most effective for women: about 50% can't experience an orgasm inside a tense situation, fearing unplanned pregnancy. As with the example of men, this leads to emotional dissatisfaction, adversely affecting the mental state.

What can be the harm due to coitus interruptus: Long-term use of coitus interruptus that face men is fraught with problems with potency, achieving orgasm, and prostatic hypertrophy. Provokes frigidity. Typically, 6 away from 10 women experience nervous tension right now of intimacy, which prevents them from relaxing and reaching orgasm. Ovarian dysfunction because of stagnation of blood in the pelvis is yet another unpleasant consequence. In the future, this leads to menstrual irregularities and infertility. Because of the interrupted act, the prostate related in men doesn't contract completely, stagnation appears in it, provoking prostatitis. Strict control of ejaculation as opposed to pleasure contributes to retrograde ejaculation, when sperm is thrown to the bladder. Your body's resources have a tendency to run out, as well as in the future, the effects of this will definitely manifest themselves. When the birth of a child is not included in the couple's plans, having a baby will have to be interrupted. The method carries a variety of additional health threats: bleeding and inflammatory processes that lead to infertility. How come some couples practice coitus interruptusfor years and never conceive Studies show that in a few men, sperm from the seminal duct can go into the pre-ejaculate (lubricant) or remain in the urethra, resulting in pregnancy. For other men, they're not saved there - there are plenty of options. Mucus from the cervical canal in females also plays an important role: its quantity and viscosity contribute to or hinder the activity of spermatozoa. When pregnancy doesn't happen during a few years of protection through the method of interrupted intercourse, you ought to be wary. Perhaps among the couple has health issues that caused problems with conception. How to prevent an unwanted pregnancy In cases like this, it is recommended to use emergency contraception, for instance, Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg tablets. This can be a synthetic analog of progesterone, which decelerates the onset of ovulation and prevents the egg from attaching for the endometrium of the uterus. Use emergency contraception for several days from the time of unprotected sexual intercourse, ideally-for 24 hours. The later you're taking the pill, the reduced its effectiveness. Around the first day, pregnancy could be avoided in 95% of cases, about the second in 85%, around the third only 58%. Is there an alternative to the coitus interruptus Regardless of the negative impact of interrupted sexual activity on the body of both partners, the woman provides the most problems. It is she who, in the case of a misfire on the part of a man, will have to solve the issue of pregnancy, resorting to emergency contraception or abortion. Properly chosen contraception will get rid of the risks. It may be combined oral contraceptives, which are 99.9% effective on average, or condoms (98% if used correctly). Before choosing any method, it is advisable to consult having a specialist that will suggest your best option, taking into account the options of the patient's body and lifestyle.