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Free Download Flenix APK For PC,Laptop,Windows 7/8/10

Most of us Android phone users keep installing and trying different applications and games from the Google Play store frequently. These applications are installed automatically and show on our phones if we click the install button. However, there is another way to install applications and games, and in many cases live wallpaper on your phone without using an application store like Google Play. That's where APK or Android application Package files come up.

Individuals who have used an Android phone and would rather install lots of applications and games may be familiar with or read about APK files. The APK file extension can be a special extendable that works just like an ordinary EXE or executable file does on a Windows computer. It becomes an executable program file that installs a software on your Android smartphone.

These files are very user friendly nevertheless, you first have to set up your phone to set up applications from third-party sources. Likely to option for that inside your phone's settings, usually found in the security or applications settings sections. After you make certain, you simply need to copy an APK file to your memory card, and you are fine.

However, the tricky part is obtaining a reliable source of these files. You simply can't just download files with all the APK file extension through the website. Quite a few websites that don't run proper antivirus checks and verify the approval files uploaded there. Many of these can easily be viruses or other malware designed to give someone else entry to your phone's features like the camera, microphone, the picture gallery and contacts lists, breaching your privacy. As long as you download APK files from reliable sources though, you mustn't have problems.

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