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Thor is a joke. Who in their right minds would feel that a blonde muscular caped Scandinavian would possess super strength, the effectiveness of flight and run amok whenever the noise of battle filled the air with a big old hammer? It's funny to express that he's the odd one out, as the great deal of underpants and Lycra-clad superpower boys don't fit into. Not getting on is really a universal theme in relation to as being a superhero... although you may can swat cars and discover through walls.

Well, Thor - the movie changed that. Exactly like Iron Man, there wasn't all that much to be. When compared to worldwide renown of Batman, Spider-Man and Superman, Thor's Norse mythology and comic history would be a mystery for some movie goers. Yet, the creators of Iron Man do it again... choosing a "supporting" superhero character and giving them the opportunity to shine. No longer is Thor a building site oaf having an over-sized hammer... he's an arrogant, albeit powerful Norse god and defender of Earth. Getting geeky hasn't ever been this cool and who safer to show us the ropes than Thor.

Director and renowned actor, Kenneth Branagh may be at the helm of this production. A childhood fan, Branagh has also developed an affiliation with Shakespeare for his many acclaimed performances both on film and stage. Some would've questioned the decision for him to direct - forgetting he directed Frankenstein, but what a great match with the theatrical director capable to convey the comic book Norse mythology with many parallels from Shakespeare's Henry V inside our hero's quest.

To aid Branagh make it, Chris Hemsworth plays Thor. Hemsworth wasn't first choice... with Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt rumoured for the role, eventually edging out his own brother, Liam for first prize. The Australian actor has cemented himself in Hollywood with this starring role. Not simply will he be headhunted for additional leading action man roles, but has secured many follow-up performances as Thor in movies like The Avengers with possible sequels inside the pipeline.

Hemsworth is backed up by two Hollywood heavyweights in Anthony Hopkins as Odin (remember Titus) and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, both Oscar winners. Then Stellan Skarsgard adds some Scandinavian credibility on the mythology, Kat Dennings brings her gorgeous geek factor with Colm Feore and Idris Elba making an effort inside the "background". Since they adequately convey their characters, it's Tom Hiddleston who rises up along with his complex portrayal of Loki - the primary villain and brother of Thor.

It's really a solid ensemble effort, which could result in convincing drama between all the action-adventure. Exactly the same caliber of effects may be installed in this superhero actioner. Fantastic tie-ins with Iron Man, emphasize the extent of Marvel's universe with Clark Gregg weaving the type of Agent Coulson between each film. Ice giants, destroyers, flying hammers along with a wave of destruction involving the palace of Asgard and a small desert town are convincing and breathtaking in 3D. A number of the long shots are a bit iffy as horse riders gallop between the stars and beams regarding cross deep space, however are quickly smoothed over.

The storyplot based on Henry V works together with two worlds being laced together for the smooth transition from high fantasy to dusty reality. This is probably the greatest challenge, the translation allows our heroes to maneuver between the two with no alarm bells sounding. The film-makers in addition have realised the value of comedy in winning the crowd over and allowing them to go by it. Having medieval Norse warriors walking amongst earthlings... getting Thor familiar with real-world stuff... there's great comedy because, which can be handled quite deftly by Branagh.

This is a first-rate popcorn blockbuster. The performances are solid, the assembly values are high, the storyplot is intriguing inside a Shakespearean atmosphere, the pacing is a useful one, the special effects are top-notch as well as the entertainment value generally is out-of-this-world. Thor fight scenes is surprisingly good, much like Iron Man surprised everyone, and the 3D technology just enhances the occasion. It is deemed an enjoyable and rewatchable effort, not quite as classy or pinpoint amazing as Iron Man... yet full tilt exhilarating anyway. Make sure to catch the "connective tissue" scene with Samuel L. Jackson post credits.