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A number of accessories are provided aided by the Navigator Lift-Away professional and can include a pet locks turbine brush (air driven), both large and little crevice tools, a dusting brush and the Dust Away bare floor accessory. Only a few among these store on-board the vacuum but.

Overview of owner remarks shows that many people are happy with the vacuum's strong suction, lightweight (about 14 pounds), maneuverability and long cord (30 foot). Customers also praise the truth that the vacuum is useful on both carpet and floors that are bare that it is quite capable on pet hair. In the disadvantage, you can find reviews indicating that the equipment is constructed mostly of synthetic and some people concern yourself with vacuum longevity. In addition, the vacuum can quickly be pulled over when one is using the hose and attachments. The hose is over 6 feet in total which is a little short.

The dirt canister on the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro possesses 0.55 gallon capacity and will be emptied from either side providing easy access to debris which will get stuck inside. The vacuum comes with HEPA filtration which is really a feature that is great individuals with allergies or asthma. HEPA purification removes little particles from the airflow including allergens, pet dander, dirt mite feces, etc. The HEPA filter regarding the Lift-Away professional is washable.

The nozzle regarding the vacuum has a 9.25 inch wide cleaning course therefore the vacuum has also a unique collar regarding the handle that allows one to adjust the vacuum suction. Having the ability to adjust suction is essential whenever vacuuming items that are delicate curtains or lampshades. Nozzle motor overload security is just a standard feature on this device and also the nozzle motor will shut down if the brushroll be obstructed. The Lift-Away Pro is included in a warranty that is 5-year.
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But seriously, the Shark infinity upright vacuum cleaner does lack a number of the function of its rivals and some of its specification do look only a little under par when compared to others, however, it will cost half as much. Not everybody requires automatic carpeting height modification and a cord length of 18 foot is going to be perfectly acceptable for some.

As I've stated already, vacuum cleaner reviews are far more favorable towards the Infinity. Clients overwhelming vouch for its great suction energy and most are incredibly satisfied with their purchase. Whether you decide to buy a Shark vacuum cleaner is a judgment call on the money you are going to save against some features you'll have to forgo.