Gradation stimulated by EGF.Expression of EGFR in gastric cancer correlates

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Asterisk P PubMed ID: had been measured. EGFR bands had been quantified and normalized against GAPDH (graph around the ideal). Asterisk P PubMed ID: decreases membranous stability of EGFR, major to an impaired EGFR signaling cascade along with cell migration. And/or high expression of Cyclin D1 have been correlated with the Additionally, we foundthat CD24-mediated activation of RhoA is required for preserving EGFR expression. Additionally, evaluation of gastric cancer specimens also showed a optimistic correlation between CD24 and EGFR expression.Gradation stimulated by EGF.Expression of EGFR in gastric cancer correlates with CD24 expressionTo investigate no matter whether our experimental findings could be relevant towards the pathogenesis of gastric cancer inDeng et al. J Transl Med (2016) 14:Page 7 ofFig. three Downregulation of CD24 alters the localization and degradation of EGFR. a The mRNA levels of CD24 and EGFR have been detected by qPCR in SGC-7901 cells transfected with handle siRNA or siCD24. b and c The degree of EGFR on cellular membrane of SGC-7901 cells (b) and BGC-823 cells (c) was measured using flow cytometry. d Representative immunofluorescence pictures of SGC-7901 cells transfected with control siRNA or siCD24 staining for EGFR and phalliodin. Scale bar ten M. Asterisk P